Eldorado Basenjis

Basenji at full run, Liz our first basenji.

Our goal is to combine domestic and new foundation stock to develop a happy, healthy basenji for your pleasure in the show ring, field and home.


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Our Dogs
Our foundation was a small number of American and imported dogs from old lines. The descendants of the newer African Foundation Stock we used were diverse and interesting. From these two sources we have developed our own blend of dogs with the goal of beautiful, competent and well-adjusted basenjis.

This link takes you to a page about our foundation, our plans and the Eldorado Basenjis.

Current Contenders
These are the dogs we are currently showing. Watch for their successes in the shows.

Current Puppies and Puppy Plans
Here are our puppies with photos of parents, pedigrees and photos as the puppies grow up. It is always interesting to see how ones plans develop!

Adults Sometimes Available
Sometimes we have adult dogs available. These are often young adults who we have raised ourselves to show and then place. Others are dogs that have come back to us for a variety of reasons.

A few words about the people of Eldorado Basenjis.
Where we are and how to contact us.
Links you may find interesting and educational.

Photo Gallery
People send us cute photos of the puppies and adults who go off to new home.  We just wanted to share the photos and sometimes the comments with everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions
We've answered some of the questions we are often asked.


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