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Snapshots the kids send home!


Brindle basenji meets turtle

Feigh meeting the "wildlife".

Basenji puppy in pink petals

Gracie in the Cherry Blossoms

Brindle puppy with new owner

Taking Baby Home

Basenji meeting Irish wolfhound

You are rather small!

Red and white basenji on the shore

D'Ogee's enjoying the sea air
and Life in Hawaii!

Red and white basenji in princess cosutme

Genie the
Pink Princess

Brindle basenji doing funny sit on back of chair

Khonsu..."Should be a cowboy"...
all saddled up, ready to ride!

Sprawling young black and white basenji

I Can Relax...
Can You Give Me A Stretch?

Red and white basenji with blue toy

Booker in action with his blue toy!

Alert red and white basenji

Brando Claims His Chair

Red and white basenji interacting with blue parrot

My Blue Pal

Brindle basenji sitting on Great Danes head

A Soft Chair

Young basenji running towards camera

Having A Run

Basenji swimming!

Goes for a Swim

Brindle and white basenji looking up

Hunting For...?

Basenji resting on furniture

Leo enjoys his lounging... except ...
sounds of making a sandwich!

Brindle basenji plays with black cat

Feigh and the Black Cat

Adult basenji plays with new puppy

Echo Mid Pounce

Brindle and white basenji with sign "Dog on Premises"

Kane on Premises

Two basenjis on look out

Chloe & Shamus on Alert

Red and white basenji in red harness

Bailee in the Tulips

Red and white basenji puppy in the flowers

Lila in The Flowers

Black and white basenji with pink toy

Smoky in Pink

Brindle basenji looking over shoulder at you

Who Goes There?

Young red and white basenji showing off her wrinkles

A Good Sprawl

Red and white baesnji on lounge chair

Summer Holiday

Brindle and white basenji plays in the sprinkler

Raisin in the Sprinkler

Young birndle basenji sprawled in the sun

OMG...I'm Bat Woman

Basenji clown

Songha's had one too many drinks!

Red/white and black/white basenjis sitting for a treat

We Are So Good

Two brindle basenjis

Daisy & Teddy: "The joys of Our Lives"

Red and white basenji relaxed in the sun

Ruby at Rest

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